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-- Access your incredible SELF Through ART

"In ART, man reveals himself and not his objects."  - Rabindranath Tagore


"You use glass mirror to see your face, you use works of ART to see your soul"  - George Bernard Shaw


Creative healing facilitator
Wellness Arts guide
Self-Care Arts coach

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"Unlock your inner peace, creative potential and find your
path to wellbeing with Achintya For You." 

Get to know me before you work with me

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Who Am I 

Dear beautiful soul, my name is Sowjanya. 
I am a very tiny part of this whole entire world; however, I strongly believe in "BE the CHANGE
you want see in the WORLD", it reminds me that if I am at Peace so the FAMILY at Peace so
the COMMUNITY at Peace so the WORLD at Peace. So, this very tiny human can make a tiny/huge
positive difference being peace with myself.

Sanatana Dharama and Advaitha (non-duality) Vedantha principles leading me the way to know myself better. 

My CORE is happy if I am truthful, compassionate, lovable and showing my authentic self without any strings attached towards fame, shame and money.   

Based on my experiences in life I learned "timely help is the most precious thing". My love towards it got me to know my "WHY" and shifted me from IT industry (Tech Lead, yes you read it right, I had wonderful experience and gave 100% to what I was doing, but I followed my heart and shifted towards my immediate priorities and passion) to Therapeutic ART and ARTs facilitator. 
It's the best and hardest decision I made in my life trusting on leap of faith. 

I love creative ARTs so much and enjoy making it. I started finding myself and connecting to my inner child with the ART forms and I want to help others as well using this platform to find their inner peace to see best version of themself when they feel lost. 

I have lovely family and friends who are my strength, inspiration and critics, I love to play with my son.

I am very much empathetic and have so much love towards new moms. They deserve wonderful time bringing new life into this world, where I couldn't see a mom "SUFFERING IN SILENCE" because of various clinical/emotional/social reasons, thinking that they are alone in this situation, and not seeing the way out. By the ART of HOLDING them through this short and hard time, the entire family can be saved. 

I enjoy being able to be myself and around others.

This is the short intro of me. Will get to know me more once we work together!!


I am grateful to have a nice family and friends, well earning job, good health and respect in society, it's good enough to lead a happy life.

However, when I see the worldly things around me, especially human behavior causing pain to other humans or anything in this world, I used to feel so empathetic, and couldn't find joy, thinking of what can be done to make a positive difference. I used to have so many ideas, thoughts and feelings in my heart, but I didn't know right tools and information. 

There I started searching for my "WHY", in this process, I learned about IKIGAI (Passion + Life Purpose + Profession + Vocation )


      I am having great passion towards ART forms, where I could immerse myself deep in making it or witnessing soulful ART made by others. God gifted me with skills like painting, singing, dancing where I am not a professional, but I can do a bit with self-taught skills.   


      However, always back of my mind I started Seeking/ Searching/ Finding/ Discovering for truth/ Sanatana Dharma/ Spirituality/ Philosophy/ Yoga to know what's right or wrong, why does people suffer and reasons behind it. After my personal experiences and how I responded to the situations I used to get to read about it and validate. In this process, I found my purpose is to serve those who are in need especially those who are losing their inner self/ self-worth because of various factors like self-criticism/ social factors in the world. 



            I felt holding safe space through my therapeutic ART sessions is perfect conjunction of my IKIGAI ( Passion + Life Purpose + Profession + Vocation ) and I believe the timely help is the precious thing in this world.


        I planned to support women looking for self-care especially feeling postpartum depression (Mom's not feeling good about themself or suffering or easily getting emotional for little things), either guilt, self-criticism, incompetent, self-doubt or willing to meet best version of their inner self, self-empowerment.


      I found Therapeutic ART/ WELLNESS Coaching is my calling, and serving others is my vocation.

For your reference Vocation means: Vocation is an occupation or the employment of an individual that is pursued more for its benefits to others or the society at large rather than for its monetary benefits. Income is a secondary benefit of a vocation.


My WHY (IKIGAI) is AchintyaForYou

WhAT Do i do

 I'm a Therapeutic art facilitator, Life Coach and change maker who loves to serve the lovely human beings in their hard times, or when they really need self-care especially Postpartum moms suffering through depression (PPD, OCD), self-care issues or when feel like lost.  
I am very much empathetic and have so much love towards new moms. They deserve wonderful time bringing new life into this world, where I couldn't see a mom "SUFFERING IN SILENCE" because of various clinical/emotional/social reasons thinking that they are alone in this situation, and not seeing the way out. 
I'm passionate about serving Postpartum moms with Therapeutic ART or coaching sessions.
In the "" Selfcare sessions you can find your lost path and
get back being your better self again.

Note: "You do not need any prior ART making experience" 
 - Provide SELF-CARE Services to Postpartum Mom's. 
 -  Timely help for new moms experiencing Self-criticism, self-judgement, postpartum depression.
 -  At any stage in your life especially feeling depression, guilt, self-criticism, self-doubt, we can meet.
 -  Willing to meet best version of your inner self, self-empowerment I am here to support you.
 -  I will listen to client without any judgement, criticism and create a safe space.
 -  The sessions information is very confidential, will not be discussed with anyone. 
Check my services and book it to help yourself or family or friends. 
You can book free 30 mins discovery call without any fees. 
Wishing you joy and prosperity in your life!! 

Self-Care Session

Self-Care session is the 1 hour 1:1 therapeutic art session for self-care who would like to see positive differences in your life. 

 The sessions discussion will be very confidential, and we respect your privacy. 

No ART experience is necessary.

This session is absolutely free before you are booking a paid session with me to see how comfortable it is for you to work with before going and availing my services. It helps both to know better on what services you are looking for.


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